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CURRENT PROJECT ; Tenshi Nanka ja Nai

LAYOUT ; Graphics made by Kirby (Inject) in Photoshop CS2 & layout coded in notepad. DO NOT STEAL KTHX >:|

We're back!

I'm pleased to announce that YazaWorld will be making a comeback with Marin Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete.

I'm not sure exactly how quickly we'll have chapter one up for you, but it shouldn't be too long!

Only karro, robinhood and myself have responded, though -- other staff members, one more time: are you up for it?

We will be securing our raws through anonymous. ありがとう >w<

Thanks to everyone who was so supportive during the TenNai problem and afterward -- and major kudos to karro, without whom YazaWorld may not still be alive.

- Emurii

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We will NOT continue scanlating TenNai. 16 Feb 2007.02:53pm
Despite what was posted previously, we will NOT be continuing with out scanlation of Tenshi Nanka ja Nai!. We're sorry for the immense amount of confusion this is sure to cause.

Despite all of the very good reasons listed previously -- and we do still consider these reasons to be valid -- the fact is that DragonVoice has released 3 chapters in the past three days, and that's commendable. It's not only commendable, but it's working at roughly 15 times the pace we would have. (1 chapter/2 weeks) Assuming that this pattern continues, there really is no reason for us to continue with our work on TenNai.

At the very least, we have given the project a push.

We will be moving on to other projects now. The group has been thinking of releasing Yaza-sensei's works in chronological order -- what do you guys think?

We appreciate your feedback, and apologize for the confusion.

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! - ANNOUNCEMENT - ! 13 Feb 2007.05:23pm
In response to a lot of negative feedback from fans who feel like we "stole" the project from DragonVoice (honestly, I will never understand this), we would like to inform our community that we will be discussing this in the staff community, and will cease work until we have reached the best decision. (Staff, *please* comment on the post in the staff community.)

If you feel strongly one way or the other, please comment.

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Tenshi Nanka ja Nai ch. 20 09 Feb 2007.05:21pm
-----> Tenshi Nanka ja Nai ch. 20 <-----

Thank you for believing in us, all of you! We'll be posting this to blackstones, gokinjoworld, and parakiss, but if you are in any scanlation rings/Yaza forums/etc. that you would like to post this on, we thoroughly encourage it. Please link back to us!

Chapter 21 is already being translated, so we should be able to get that to you in a timely manner ♥

EDIT: We also have the beginnings of our website up and running! Hoorah for paperflakes and nefie!

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29 Jan 2007.11:09am
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"Meet the staff!" 28 Jan 2007.03:26am
Hooray!  All done!!!  If you need or would like to modify anything, let me know.

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TYPESETTERS: Start your engines? 28 Jan 2007.02:23am
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Things To Consider 26 Jan 2007.05:53pm
Just wondered on a few things we might want to clarify before setting off *misty eyes* XD -these questions, thought-points aren't specific to any job, just general things I was wondering about~

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LET'S START THIS! 26 Jan 2007.12:08pm
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Help wanted! 25 Jan 2007.12:21am
Welcome to yazaworld! We are a brand spankin' new scanlation group that will be working on translating manga by Ai Yazawa (particularly her older works). Our first project due to popular demand will be Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. If you love her work and would like to help us out, please (click here)


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