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Want to be part of the scanlating process?

YazaWorld is looking for one typesetter. Please provide some examples of your work in Photoshop. It's a plus if you've typeset before and/or are familiar with the fonts, but if you make icons or anything like that, that should be fine to submit. We would need you to typeset every other chapter if possible, starting with chapter six. Chapters are generally ~40 pages.

Please comment or email me at emurii[at]gmail.com to apply. Please only apply if you have the time. It isn't a huge time commitment, only a few hours every other month, but we do need you to be available to do it.
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I just realised this post... Do you still need a typesetter for this project, I've read the chapters you've done so far and I really enjoy reading it.
I was wondering if you still need a typesetter? I would love to help out with this project, if its released every month, I have the time to do the chapters.
As for experience I edit(clean & typeset)for the scanlation team Alice Dreams. The projects I'm working on for that is Koi Uma and Ko Akuma Cafe chapter 9+

Here is a sample of my works, read it online at Mangafox:

I go by the name kitkat.

Oh I've learnt how to colour using photoshop, so if you also need someone to help colour cover pages, I can help with that too.

Hope to hear from you soon.
I really enjoy reading your scanlations, and would like to help out and showcase Ai Yazawa's amazing works ^^

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