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Marine Blue - chapter 7 release 21 Apr 2009.08:39pm
Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete
Embraced By The Marine Blue Wind
>>chapter 7 download<<

We aren't dead!! We apologize sincerely for allowing such a long delay between uploads. We've all gone to college since Marine Blue began, and our lives have been keeping us away from YazaWorld in one way or another. I think I can safely promise that it won't be this long again before we have another update, and hopefully it'll be coming soon.

Thanks for your continued support,
YazaWorld Staff.

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Marine Blue - chapter 6 release 12 Apr 2008.05:15pm
Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete
Embraced By The Marine Blue Wind
>>chapter 6 download<<

Sorry for the delay! Here's Chapter 6 -- which manages to keep up the fast-pace from chapter 5 throughout, if you can believe it!!

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Marine Blue - chapter 5 release 28 Jan 2008.12:20am
Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete
Embraced by the Marine Blue Wind
>>chapter 5 download<<

Warning, Chapter 5 is intense.

Woohoo, one chapter/month for two in a row! Haha, hopefully we'll be keeping this up.


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HIRING. 25 Jan 2008.12:11am
Want to be part of the scanlating process?

YazaWorld is looking for one typesetter. Please provide some examples of your work in Photoshop. It's a plus if you've typeset before and/or are familiar with the fonts, but if you make icons or anything like that, that should be fine to submit. We would need you to typeset every other chapter if possible, starting with chapter six. Chapters are generally ~40 pages.

Please comment or email me at emurii[at]gmail.com to apply. Please only apply if you have the time. It isn't a huge time commitment, only a few hours every other month, but we do need you to be available to do it.

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Esthetique to Host YazaWorld Scanlations 23 Jan 2008.11:17pm
Hey guys,

I'm writing to let you guys know that we've picked up yet another host, Esthetique. (link)

It's unbelievably exciting that, between this and The Evil Empire, we're going to be getting so many new readers. Of course we'll always be posting here as well. (You guys are our core!)

Chapter 5 is in typesetting right now after some delays, which means that you should have it very soon!

Thanks as always!!

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The Evil Empire hosts YazaWorld 18 Dec 2007.02:41pm
Exciting news, guys -- YazaWorld scanlations will now be hosted by The Evil Empire! This is great for us, because it gets our work out to a much larger fanbase...

Of course, we'll still be posting and updating you guys through LiveJournal, too. But check it out!

PS: Chapter 5 is 1/3 done already!


Marine Blue - chapter 4 release 10 Dec 2007.01:48am
Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete
Embraced By The Marine Blue Wind
>> chapter 4 download <<

Happy Chanukah, you guys! We're hoping to be able to give you a Christmas present of chapter 5 later on this month, too, since Winter Break will be up.

Thanks for reading!!

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Marine Blue - chapter 3 release 13 Sep 2007.03:18pm
Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete
Embraced By the Marine Blue Wind
>> chapter 3 download <<

Hooray, chapter three! This is where the real conflict of the story begins to reveal itself, and although summer's ending, things with Haruka and friends are just starting to heat up...

... I'm so sorry, I really couldn't help myself there.

Thanks for reading! ♥ I think we'll be on more of a solid month by month schedule now that school has started.

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Marine Blue - chapter 2 release 30 Aug 2007.01:28pm
Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete
Embraced By the Marine Blue Wind
>> chapter 2 download <<

Thanks again for reading, you guys! I'm not sure when the next time we'll be getting two chapters out in the same month is - since school is starting up again and a number of us are going to be juggling college, jobs, friends/boyfriends, etc - but I can say that chapter 3 is already pretty far along, and I would definitely say it'll be out at some point in September.


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Marine Blue - chapter 1 release 05 Aug 2007.07:08pm
Marine Blue no Kaze Ni Dakarete
Embraced by the Marine Blue Wind
Chapter 1 Download

Thanks SO much to everyone who worked on this, and to you guys for believing in us and reading! Comment with encouragement, maybe it'll churn out a faster chapter 2! (This one took so long because almost all of us were busy with our private lives, but we're already working on Chapter 2)



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